The aim of Adventurer’s Arsenal is to be the ultimate all in one website to look for not only the best but also of reputation adventure travelling agencies, equipment and clothing suppliers, information and also a chatroom to look for like minded adventurous people to share and also to form and go on a trip with you.

Me and my wife at the submit of Kilimanjaro

I consider myself as a small time adventurer who have trekked in Malaysia, Vietnam, India, China, Nepal, Africa, Pakistan, … I might not be able to trek in all the wonderful and places but at least I’ll try to continue to pursue my passion by reading, looking for the best deals and sharing all these with everybody. And of course developing this website all by myself is also a passion of my own.

Please feel free to contact me to let me know your opinion on how this website can be further improved and also to share your views, experiences, reviews and knowledge with everybody else in this website.

Thank you and Best Regards,

SF Cheah

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