Signalling for help II

Signalling on the ground

 When you are lost or/and injured, it might be best to stay in a location for rescuers to find you. Make a ‘X’ or ‘SOS’ or ‘HELP’ sign on the ground to draw the attention of passing aircraft to your location. These can be made with branches, tree leaves, stones, clothing, etc that you can find and move around easily from the surrounding. These signs can also be drawn on the ground if there are sand or snow on the ground. Ensure that the sign is big and clear enough for rescuers on aircraft above to see.

SOS made from rocks

SOS written on the sand










If there are plenty of firewood to use, create a 3 point fire distress signal in the shape of a triangle at approximately 100 feet away from each other. These fires can be lighted especially at night for rescuers to spot you or your location at night.

Signaling in threes is an international sign of distress. The number three provides confirmation of a signal, the military always calls in repetitions of threes: “fire, fire, fire,” “eject, eject, eject,” “mayday, mayday, mayday.”

3 point fire distress signal


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